Candace Planter - Small

Rs. 1,290

Cadence boasts a sleek, modern design that effortlessly blends with various interior aesthetics. The lustrous black exterior is accentuated by exquisite gold detailing, creating a harmonious balance between opulence and simplicity. This striking black and gold metal planter is designed to be the focal point of your interior decor, a sophisticated addition that complements and enhances your living space. Use it to showcase your favorite indoor plants, succulents, or even create your own mini herb garden. This planter becomes a canvas for your greenery, allowing you to personalize your space with ease.

- Indoor use only.
- No Drainage Hole.
- Planter Liner Recommended (not included)

Dimensions : 6.25'' x  6.25'' x 5.75''
Material : Mild Steel 
Color : Black and Gold

Weight : 0.368 kg
Delivery Timeline : 5-7 working days
Care Instructions : Do not plant directly into the pot always use a liner. When watering the plant remove the liner from inside the planter, water it in the sink, and then let it drain completely before replacing it back. Wipe with a soft, dry cloth; avoid the use of abrasive cleaning products. 

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